Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and caldron bubble.
Cool it with a baboon's blood,
Then the charm is firm and good.”

William Shakespeare

Oh, no, we’re not that kind of witch. We, White Witches, are full of good intentions and a deep knowledge of all natural things and good habits. We like nothing better than to fight all the pestilential things in life which can endanger our well-being, health and beauty. So, ladies, most witches are women who want to take the next step on the journey to achieve things most of the women only dream on. If you feel the same way as us, then join us on journey to a better life.

What makes our brand stand out?

“White Witches” is a brand based on the knowledge of natural herbs, oils and food and their interaction with the human body. Our mission is to find the best sources of plants and transform them into teas, infusions and oils to enhance health and beauty.

When we say knowledge, we mean that we know exactly where to find the most powerful herbs and flowers. We know at what time and on what day of the year to pick them and how to preserve them in such a way as to save the most precious qualities.

Our special sort of witchcraft requires the careful manual preparation of the products, since we don’t use any chemicals to treat them. Our product recipes are based on the latest BIO methods of processing and storage of the natural ingredients. The basis of what we White Witches do is to use traditional herbal, nuts and fruit recipes to create clean, pure and rich nourishing oils, teas, cosmetic and food. All of our products are made in EU and meet the requirements of the highest EU standards.